25 September 2009

The Answer is YES

Over the past month, I have personally lived out one of the secret realities of blogging. I'm going to tell you what it is. Ready for it? Ok, here goes. There is an inverse relationship between blogable content and actual blog posting. In other words, the more you have going on the less you blog.

To prove it, I've included a transcript of what I've been doing to prepare to move, leave our lovely 970 in the hands of strangers (I mean renters, obviously), and show up at my brother's wedding (tomorrow!) looking like I knew I was going to a wedding that day.

Sep 7 cleaned out kids' craft cupboard & my paper collection. Useful stuff slated for donation to an underfunded preschool. Useless stuff, recycled/junked.

Sep 8 cleaned bedroom, delivered fabric & 2 bikes to International Institute, 2
bags clothes to Goodwill

Sep 9 cleaned out dress up stuff, sorted for donation. I've been patching the broken plaster in the dining room and bedroom, and today I applied the final coat. I also moved the marble fountain downstairs into the basement coal room.

Sep 10 sorted toy box and prepped most of it for donation. I also went through all the kids' clothes--the out of season stuff and their stuff from when they were little. Prepped most of that for donation too.

Sep 11 changed the locks on the house so that we now only need two keys instead of four. I recycled a drawer full of plastic bags that had built up despite my efforts by taking them to the bins at Walmart.

Sep 12 Continued to assemble things to donate to the underfunded preschool--including rolling up a the huge vinyl play mat. We had a final dinner with Katherine & Paul.

Sep 13 sorted all my books into categories of 'keep', 'store indefinitely', and 'donate', with donation books separated by subject area. Also sorted the kids books. Joe and Katy came over and we loaded all of the kid donations into
katys car and filled it up. I sanded the plaster patches, and they are beautiful and ready for paint.

Sep 14 bought screwdriver, since all my phillips-heads are stripped. Weeks ago I bought a bunch of fancy clothes at Dillard's for my mom to try out for the wedding. Today I returned most of that stuff, and then I folded origami roses. Later that night I sorted out all of my kids' art, prepared it for transport or storage.

Sep 15 installed a different light in the dining room light. The old one had shorted out. I also finally fixed one of our porch lights, which needed an extra length of wire. I also started wiring up the girls closet light. They've survived without one, but the closet will be much more functional lit. I also called our insurance company to try and pin down our prescription drug benefits.

Sep 16 finished electrical work for girls closet. I spent some time in the basement and sorted out all my hardware and construction junk on the work bench. Matthew posted our old Lebanese propane powered space heater and oven on Craigslist, and today I managed the sale of both. He also listed our black office chairs and they sold too.

Sep 17 Today I listed our red chairs, shoe storage and kids cubbies for sale on Craigslist. I sifted through my collection of cook books, prepped more stuff for garbage day. The almonds arrived (a week ago I ordered 10 lbs of them for the wedding favors) and I assembled 80 roses w/ candy inside.

Sep 18 got garbage out to the curb, picked up all the medicine I will take with me to Lebanon, sold cubbies & shoe storage. I sorted through our entire collection of DVDs and kitchen plastic items. Thankfully kitchen ware and DVD cases can be recycled. Terra took a stack of donation books to the local library. I Assembled 40 more roses w/ candy.

Sep 19 delivered couches to mom, some canned goods, bunk bed, porch chairs. Went to Joe's where I cut & routed drawer fronts for my closet project. I got a final headcount from Katy and finished the origami roses. I also bought additional plastic tubs for storage.

Sep 20 finally got rid of large wardrobe. I sold it on craigslist ages ago (as in August) and the lady finally sent for it TODAY. I took down all our art/photos, brought first wave of long-term storage items up out of basement, crated books, carpets, decor. Later that day I installed drawer fronts. They look great.

Sep 21 managed the recycling, kids pediatrician visit for updated immunizations, donated all of our language books (German, French, Arabic, Chinese) to the local High School library. I took a huge stack of shoe boxes to my daughter's preschool where they will be used for crafts. Brought all remaining storage out of basement,
and began patching dining room woodwork in preparation to paint.

Sep 22 more filler work in dining room, helped mom w/rehearsal dinner plans. Packed up all less-than-totally necessary kitchen items for storage. looked in too many stores for shoes to wear to the wedding. No luck.

Sep 23 processed huge amounts of laundry in advance of not doing laundry in this house anymore. Found more DVDs and sorted them accordingly. Went shopping for shoes again, still nothing. I'm going to wear the boringest shoes in the world to my brother's wedding and there's nothing to be done about it.

Sep 24 Craigslisted basement cabinets, kitchenaid, super glam retro punch bowl, a utility table that we had in the basement, black desk accessories, Christmas tree, storage shelves, wrapping paper storage box, plastic patio chairs, vanity w/mirror, tons of household stuff, got rid of dryer and all the basement cabinets possible. Made a huge batch of macaroni and cheese, helped set up for the rehearsal dinner. Dashed to pick up my kids, dashed again to attended rehearsal and dinner.

Sep 25 put a ton of garbage out at the curb for pickup, cleaned out garage, sold my kichenaid and plastic chairs. Disassembled our hammock and packed that up, removed all storage items from garage. Took the girls for haircuts.

And with that, are we current? Yes, we are.


Karin said...

oh, I am exhausted jsut reading your list! AWESOME! You have been busybusybusy, hope the move will go well and that you got to enjoy the wedding!

Suzanne said...

goodness, you busy bee! kudos for being so organized with your move.

sara jensen said...

I totally agree! I have been so busy lately and have not posted since the first day of school(it doesn't help that my camera is lost)! You are so amazing to be doing so much everyday and still pull off what you did for the wedding. You looked so beautiful and so did your girls (you hid any stress you may have been feeling very well!)

Katy said...

We are going to miss you so much - but the summer will be here before we know it.