18 June 2009

Vacations Aren't Supposed to Be Like This

It's Wednesday, and that means we are midway through our Florida vacation. Star woke up vommitting at 3:45 this morning. By 8:30 when it was time to leave for the day's adventure, she had thrown up six times. She was too sick to go. Right now, she and I are at the resort. Everyone else is gone. It's now afternoon and she is sleeping.

And I am bored. At home I'd have a million things to do or avoid doing (a bigger job thay you might think). But here, I just don't have many resources to ammuse myself. Tools at my disposal for this task are:
1. a web connection
2. origami paper
3. TV

TV is really shockingly boring, so let's just skip that and go right to the origami paper and the web connection. I decided I would use Star's recovery nap to figure out how to fold a "magic box" that unfurls into a rose. You can see the transformation from box to rose in this youtube video.

And you can see the videos (part 1 and part 2) that I watched to see how to do it. And look! I did it.

Also in the picture are 2 examples of another decorative box I tried recently. They're nice of course, but the rose . . . it wins.


kat said...

I think there's some kind of weird combination when the fun of Disney World meets the gross hot humid air of Orlando. Isabella got super sick that time we went a few years back.

Hope Stella is feeling better. Also, I think you know that comment about TV being boring really hurt my feelings ;)

Karin said...

So Star is a pet now, well, poor Star, poor you, seems our vacations are always like this. The measels in Denmark, HSP in the US, Barfing wherever convinient...ah well, sure hope she didn't pass it on and that it is over!

weddingdressesanglew said...
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