16 July 2009

She Made Me Breakfast

The other day, too early for anybody's business, I heard Star crashing and banging around in the kitchen. I was still in bed and that was the point.

Star's all of six years old. Already she deeply believes that the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so long as that stomach is still in bed. She's a real sweetheart.

And she's all of six. No matter how unbelievably thoughtful it is to make mommy breakfast in bed for no special reason whatsoever, still the fact remained that Star was in there without any adult supervision. I got out of bed, hugged my sweet girl and suggested that we have a breakfast picnic on the porch instead.

Maybe some of you will wonder why I shut down such a lovely gesture. So, if you have one of those inquiring minds my guess is that:

1. there's someone else cleaning up after you
2. you've never actually tried breakfast in bed


3. you have a radically higher tolerance for messes than I do

She was disappointed at first, but she took it well and in the end she pulled it off nicely I thought.

It's a good thing we opted for the porch. Two minutes after I took this picture, breakfast took a turn that was so messy I had to give myself a gold star for a successful intervention and redirection. Yeah. I'd take a front porch picnic over breakfast in bed any day. No contest.

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Anonymous said...

i vividly remember the summer when my younger sister decided to take up the task of pancake-making herself (from a "just-add water" mix), she was 6. i spent the summers in high school as her full-time babysitter, and as a sleepy-eyed teenager I usually let her continue when I woke up to those clinking and clanging sounds. Of course, i made sure to cruise down to the kitchen and supervise her efforts.