17 July 2009


Last week I met a mom at the park. This happens to me a lot, actually.

She and I chatted about mom stuff. Then she got stung by a bee. It was down in the clover under her feet, flitting from one clover to the next. Then, probably, she nearly stepped on it and it got scared and it stung her.

Yesterday, in the same clover field where that mom-from-last-week got stung, I saw a chubby little guy get stung on the foot too. He was tossing a ball around with a friend, but the bee sting shut that right down.

Today I saw the mom who got stung at the park again. I asked about her bee sting, and you know what? She said that not two days after the bee sting at the park the same thing happened again in her own back yard.

I've got bees in my yard too. See?

Mostly, I plain forget that these little fuzzy pollinators hurt people because I'm too busy trying to take a picture of them. But, anyway, respect the bee, people! Bee stings hurt like holy hell (and that's a quote).


Terra said...

You know I saw Stella full on step on a bee that was flitting from clover to clover and that little guy just shook it off.

It made me gasp a bit when I saw her foot go right on top of the bee, and not have enough time to warn her or something. But then I saw her complete her step and the bee fly off.

Karin said...

Ah, they just love clover....awesome pic as usual, I should fly you in to take some pictures for me blog!