05 July 2009

Recently, At the Reptile House

We spent a very rainy 4th of July morning at the St. Louis Zoo, scurrying from one covered spot to the next.

We took shelter in the Reptile House for a good deal of time that morning. Here's Matthew, making the exhibit come alive for the girls.

From where I was sitting, watching my family I had a nice view of the atrium.

As a work of architecture, I really like the Reptile House. It's one of the oldest buildings at the zoo. I wanted to find out more about it's history so I checked the zoo's website. Turns out that the Reptile House is exactly as old as #970. Both were built in 1927.

The zoo structures built during this period incorporated animal figures into the low-relief sculptures ornamenting the building's facade. Creepy, perhaps, but also didactic in a charming sort of way.


Bali said...

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Terra said...

I love those deatils, and think they are soo beautiful.

Matthew said...

The abode of Slytherin! The reptile house is really fascinating. Going to the Zoo with the kids is something I really enjoy.