03 July 2009

It's a Race

Matthew and Dandelion, racing behind our push-mower.

A little more than a year ago, Frugalein and Grünelein clasped hands in teary-eyed delight when we purchased that push-mower. Here's why:

1. A push-mower costs a whole lot less than a gas-powered mower. Frugalein loved the price tag. Grünelein felt smug that (at least when it comes to lawn care), polluters had to pay for their wastefulness.

2. A push-mower consumes no fuel, emits no waste. Frugalein loved that she wouldn't have to spend yet more money to operate it. Grünelein loved that it had no carbon footprint whatsoever.

3. Although we could have bought a bagging attachment, we decided against it. Frugalein loves not buying things. And if time is money, then Frugalein thought not spending time bagging was cool. For her part, Grünelein was elated. Bagging lawn clippings is an environmental no-no for more reasons than I care to reiterate.

Our neighbors thought we were crazy with our little rotary blade mower, and watched with some interest for the first few weeks we had it. At about this time last year, one of them asked if he could give it a try. He agreed that it was surprisingly easy to push--seeing as they weigh less because they are mechanically simpler (and aren't filled with gasoline).

Frugalein and Grünelein can say what they like about the mower, but for what it's worth, here's my take:

1. I love that it doesn't make our yard smell like a gas station.
2. I love that it doesn't vibrate crazy-like while in use. It simply is not fun to hold the handle of a gas-powered lawn mower while it's running.
3. Motorized mowers are way too loud. The push mower is nearly silent.
4. I love that I never have to go buy gas to put in the tank.
5. Motorized mowers produce grass dust that coats you while you work. The push mower doesn't even come close, not even if you run behind it like Matthew does.


Karin said...

you forgot to mention the free workout Matthew gets..

Mary Ann said...

Would have mentioned it, except that we are paying for a gym membership even though mowing is a workout. Frugalein's standards haven't been met.

Terra said...

Ah...childhood memories...

Kathy G said...

I've always wanted to try a push-mower, but I think our yard may be too big.

Mary Ann said...

Welcome, Kathy! Love your blog, by the way.