06 July 2009

Sitting on Art

While doing my daily check-in on the blogs I follow, I read Joe's post about Citygarden, a new sculpture park in the heart of downtown. His post has it all--video, pictures, and this closing line "Citygarden had the magical affect of making me look up and admire the city's skyline - something I actually can't remember doing on Market Street before."

That is the stuff envy is made of, at least if you're me. For it's part, envy is the stuff plans are made of. I took a quick peek at a map, got the girls into their swimsuits, packed a picnic lunch, and we were off.

The kids got right into the fountains and stayed there for most of our visit. Eventually, Star needed to refuel. Here she is sitting on Jonathan Clarke's 2006 Lifestyle.

Later, we moved on to Tom Claassen's 2004 Untitled (Two Rabbits).

The whole experience was fantastic for the kids, who explored Citygarden in the most tactile way possible--splashing in the pools and fountains and climbing all over the art--none of which was in any way discouraged.

And of course, it was profoundly pleasant for me. I went there with one Sister-in-Law in tow and ran into another soon-to-be while we were there. We sat in the shade together talking while the girls paddled about making friends in a nearby pool.

Often, envy ruins it's objects--spoils them because the envied thing can't live up to the anticipation or the desiring of it. Not so with Citygarden. Maybe it was running into Katy, having grown-ups to talk to, or the nice weather. Or, maybe it was just Citygarden. Being there was wonderful--far and away better than I had imagined it would be.


Matthew said...

What a neat activity. I wish I could have been there.

Mary Ann said...

me too

Anonymous said...

was so fun to run into you that day, made me smile the rest of the afternoon. if only SLU was closer to downtown and i could lunch there daily - that was one benefit of jury duty!