19 June 2009

Ok, So I Did Watch TV

Last night the girls and I watched Iron Chef in our resort on vacation. It didn't really keep their interest or mine until I realized that Isaac Mizrahi was one of their judges that night. As a kid I guess I got swept away by Isaac Mizrahi when I saw Unzipped, the documentary of the creation of his fall 1994 collection. Ever since I've been delighted every time I come across more news of him. He's become a sort of happy angel that flits in and out of my world. And so there he was on TV, a judge on Iron Chef.

I'd heard him interviewed on Splendid Table a while ago, so I wasn't really suprised to see him in the food genre. Mizrahi does everything. He has written comic books about would-be fashion model, done a little acting, hosts a talk show, etc. But now, just NOW I read that he is also going to be designing Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music at Opera Theater of St. Louis. In his spare time he's coaching the singers and planning spring galas. Gosh. Isaac Mizrahi is the best.

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kat said...

Well, you know Isaac Mizrahi is one of the hosts of Bravo's replacement of "Project Runway", "The Fashion Show." It's OK. I like Project Runway better but Isaac is pretty awesome.