12 June 2009

At Least a Week

Last summer when the Hydrangea bloomed, the billowy, fat blossoms were so heavy that I had to pull the branches up with string. I had completely forgotten about that, about having to add supports, and consequently got to it way too late this year. Some of the branches snapped as I tried to hoist them up, so I ended up with lots of cuttings.

But I would have taken cuttings anyway just for the pure pleasure of it.

Shortly after I took that picture of my handiwork, I noticed a stow away.

For those of you who don't know, Hydrangeas don't smell like anything, really. Since people can be very sensitive to smells, I say it's scentlessness is an advantage. Another advantage? Hydrangea cuttings last gorgeously for at least a week.

This post might have to last that long too. In the morning we're off for a vacation and who knows how frequently I'll be able to post while we're away. But when we get back, the Hydrangeas (and the whole rest of our lives) will be right where we left them. Have a great week everyone!

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