18 May 2009

Sometimes I Forget

Dandelion's school offers a wide range of services for kids with special needs, and therefore employs occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and probably other professionals that I just haven't heard of yet. Back when I slip-covered the little couch in my daughter's classroom, word got out that I sew. Twice since then, I've gotten requests like this one:

It's funny to me to look at how the OT prepared these wrist bands--intended to help children exercise specific finger or thumb muscles by holding others in place. She certainly got the job done--the black magic marker, the paper clip, these are good instructions. And though all of this was effective, there are methods that anyone who sews would know about that do all of this with the same effectiveness but far greater finesse. It made me realize that I often forget just how much I know about sewing. I also tend to forget that other people don't necessarily know what I do.

An unflatteringly long time ago the OT asked me to make two weight vests for the ADD/ADHD kids--she prescribes 20 minutes or so a day in these vests to give kids with too much energy some resistance to push against. She could have bought vests like this online, but they are needlessly and unjustifiably expensive. By making them for the school I knew I would be saving them a ton of money (because I volunteer my time and my fabric, when I have it). Since they are simple to make I agreed. Since the request was made, I have had a lot of other things going on (just check my archives!) and days steadily turned into weeks and into months. But, today I finished the second one. It feels good to be finished and to know that I won't have to reprimand myself for forgetting that project anymore.

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Mary Ann said...

you should post a photo of how much cuter you made the vests than the originals