16 May 2009

At the Flea Market

In the past I've complained about the freebie-newspapers that land unbidden and unwanted in my yard--particularly the problematic plastic bags they arrive in--but perhaps I shouldn't complain. They have a great community calendar in there that lists more fascinating events than we know what to do with. And this week, in their classified section, there was something that caught my eye: an add for a flea market to be held at one of those neat boutiquey-antiquey shops in my neighborhood. The girls and I went early this morning to check it out.

The shop is called Recycled Rose. Even though it's in my neighborhood and not at all out of the way, I've only gone in a handful of times. Still, it's a charming shop filled with beautiful things. Most of what you'll find at Recycled Rose is just a touch too romantic or eclectic (or both) for me to seriously consider making a purchase, but wandering through the shop is like wandering through a daydream -- and I like daydreaming.

In February I bought some lawn furniture I found there. It needs some work before we can use it. Now that the whether is getting nicer I'll probably prioritize the work these pieces need to be put to use.

Back to the flea market: it was set up (mostly) behind the store in a kind of wild meadow. It was picturesque, actually. The girls wanted to buy everything they laid eyes on, but were great shopping buddies all the same. And when I found a vendor selling antique (functional!) watering cans, I bought one. I've needed one for months, and now, I have one.


kat said...

That looks like a place that would have some pretty tea sets.

Mary Ann said...

Oh they do . . . but I prefer the kind made from recycled plastic. :)