12 August 2009

Blueberry Pinwheels

Yesterday I made a blueberry cobbler that turned out so-so. Oh well. At least the pictures turned out well.

I wish the cobbler had turned out crazy delicious, but it didn’t. This is the second time that I've made this recipe. Last time, it was way too sweet, and there weren't nearly enough blueberries. This time, I more than doubled the amount of blueberries, taking the recipe from 2 to 5 cups. I didn't increase the sugar, and thought that I had probably created the perfect cobbler. But no. It didn’t have the effect I had hoped for. Even at 5 cups, the recipe still doesn't have enough blueberries in it. I'm thinking about trying it again with further modifications, but the trouble is, I don’t know if I can keep on dedicating my limited supply of blueberries to tinkering around with a recipe that might just be hopeless.

I'll get that all figured out eventually. If I end up perfecting this recipe, this is exactly where you'll find it.


joe said...

i thought it was crazy delicious. :)

Bonnie said...

You might try adding a little lemon juice and zest. I find it really wakes up the flavor of cultivated blueberries which I find to be a bit bland. The picture is gorgeous. I'd like to know how you made the spiral crust!

Mary Ann said...

Bonnie, the recipe called for lemon . . . so I'm still troubleshooting. I'll send you the original recipe (which is where the spiral shape came from).