10 August 2009

Aphids on Bindweed

So, usually when I post about my yard it's to brag about what's growing, blooming, or making me smile 'round here. This isn't one of those times.

Those are aphids on bindweed, double blighting my garden.

The good news is that the aphids don't seem to be interested in any of the other plants in the yard. They cling to and coat the bindweed exclusively. You'd think that such a pest might give the bindweed a run for it's money. I only wish that it could. No, bindweed holds its own very well against the aphids' assault.

All the same, it's kind of convenient that the aphids all live on bindweed. It's easy to just pluck the weed, toss it in the compost bag, and have done with two problems in one.

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