24 July 2009


Today we went on a trail ride. Here's part of our group, ready to depart.

I had never been on a horse before. I had only ever touched one once and that was 10 years ago. It completely terrified me. I'm not given to terror or anything, so it now seems strange to me that on that occasion I felt so afraid.

Matthew's only fear was that Dandelion wouldn't make it more than a minute on the horse, but she did fine. All of us, I think, enjoyed the ride quite a lot and we got to give the horses treats in the end.

And nobody got their fingers bitten off, so that's so much the better.


Terra said...

I can't belive you've never ridden a horse before! What little girl doesn't have a fasination with horses? I used to volunter at a stable and the horse I would ride had the habit of turning it's head and trying to bite my toes :)

Karin said...

uhm...I never had a fascination with horses, I think they are all to big and terrifying didn't help that I fell off one at the age of 5, but I did get back up on horseback when I was 22 or so, after all the kids doing it, I couldn't chicken out. I think I would enjoy riding...