21 May 2009

Vintage Vita Mix

For most of the years of my childhood, my mother had a Vita Mix. I think we got it as a hand-me-down from Mom's brother, but I could be wrong about that. Back then, we mostly used it to make milk shakes. The ingredients were usually limited to cookies, ice cream, and milk (except when it was fruit, ice cream, and milk), and they were completely delicious.

Well, one day (back in the day) it quit working. Years passed. The Vita Mix sat. Children grew, left home, came back again, and that was when Mom bought a new one.

Apparently when you buy a new Vita Mix, you get a manufacturer-issued voucher. Return the voucher with your old mixer and get $75, at least that's how I think it's supposed to go. Anyway, Mom was about to return her old one when someone suggested that she set the old one upside down over night. "Then try it in the morning", this unknown someone said to her. Well, she did, and magically the next morning, it was again functional. Why, she asked herself, why not give it to Mary Ann?

And that is how, last year in September, I came into possession of my mother's ancient Vita Mix.

It's so charming.

Matthew uses it for his breakfast nearly every day. He has also used it to perfect his hummus recipe. Not me, though. I really haven't used it much. But the other day I saw a recipe for chocolate pudding that I just had to try--a pudding that had to be made in a blender. I tried it. Matthew tried it. Matthew wants more of it. I, on the other hand, think the recipe needs work before I'd call it a success. And a recipe that needs work means a Mary Ann spending more time with the Vintage Vita Mix.

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Vatti said...

You remember the Vita-Mix being used a lot more than I do. I'm glad you are putting it to good use. Why turning it upside down started working again is a true mystery!