22 May 2009

Daisy Weed

I have a huge amount of this weed growing in my yard. Anyone know what it is? Just in case it helps anyone identify it: mid-March it put up clusters of fuzzy leaves. They looked like furry lettuce. Then, from the center, a tall stalk shots up and multiple little daisy-like blossoms appear, late April-ish.

Not knowing what else to call them, I'll refer to them daisy weeds (in my head anyway). I'm not wild about having this weed overrun my grass, so earlier in the week (or was it late last week? Oh, now I remember. It was on Sunday) I gathered this big bouquet of daisy weeds--partially so that when they go to seed they don't do it near the grass, and partially because they're cute. They've been indoors in this vase ever since, and delightfully, they have not wilted a bit.

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~ Jolie Elise said...

It's Daisy Fleabane, Erigeron annuus. I found a bit in my yard this year & replanted it in the garden. When I lived in the country we had large patches of it. Very Pretty.