21 April 2009

Mom does Activity Box

A little while ago Matthew started compiling things that would interest our kids--mostly these were print-outs of web pages--in a filing box. For weeks, fun emerged from the box. Maybe there would be paper dolls from the 19th century, or maybe they'd be from the kids favorite show. Maybe there would be an activity about Belgium, France, or Turkey. A couple months ago I blogged about one such session. Anyway, the kids quickly learned that Matthew's file box meant a good time for them and renamed it the "Activity Box".

These days, the term "Activity Box" has transformed to represent more than just Matthew's portable file case. It's become a synonym for anything the kids want us to do with them. So yesterday when Star began digging up what little good grass we have, I promised her an Activity Box of planting seeds (but not right now we'll do it tomorrow).

As it is wont to do, tomorrow became today, so we started a bunch of seeds.

Each kid got one old egg carton (Frugalein knew they were good for something) and we put potting soil into each well and added seeds for Rosemary, Chives, Basil, and Lavender. The seed packets recommended that we start them indoors. As we worked, the girls helped me make little planting-maps of our egg cartons in case we forget where we put which kind of seed.

Other kinds of seeds went right into the ground; sunflower, nasturtium, and coriander. I hope they sprout. I don't know what the kids will think if they don't.


Karin said...

oh, they will, some of them at least, and maybe next year I will get my act together and do it too....you seem to actually be doing all the things I only think about..

suz said...

i had lots of luck with the coriander i planted indoors - those sprouts came up quick!

Mary Ann said...

The Basil is up!