22 April 2009

It's a Party

Last year we had the best party EVER for our girls' birthdays.

They loved their party, and really, look at those pictures! Fun! Games! Food! What's not to love? We had one party for both of them because their birthdays are exactly one day shy of two years apart . . . and the thought of two parties was, frankly, overwhelming.

This year the thought of even one party is overwhelming, so we'll be doing something else to celebrate. This weekend we'll have breakfast with the family and then spend the day at the Botanical Garden's Chinese Cultural Days. The girls are perfectly happy with the trade off, and of course, I am too.


Karin said...

not only the best but also the BIGGEST party! Wow!

Megan said...

it is funny but even though i can't really make out the faces i can tell the men i n the background are your dad on the right and joe on the left.

wait. i will be more then a little embarrassed if i am wrong. oops.

kat said...

Because my birthday is so close to Memorial Day kids were always on vacation. I could never get more than a couple people to come to my parties.

Or they didn't like me. It's a toss up.

Terra said...

I always had to go to the "Fat Friday" football game...and share my party with Sarah (our birthdays are a year and two days apart.)

Once I asked Dad why they kept moving the orange flags around on the field. He told me they were marking the "downs"...and not to ask questions like that so loud.