04 April 2009

The Hunt

Months ago (in January, I think) we reserved places for our kids in the Botanical Garden's egg hunt. It took place earlier today. Now, as all of you know, you can't hunt eggs without a basket to put them in. We have baskets, but oddly (and for me it is odd) I couldn't remember where they were. The girls and I made a kind of game of finding them, and eventually they turned up . . . in a tub full of Easter stuff.

So we got it all out and made a mess decorated.

We were ready in a flash, and off we went.

The kids look reasonably happy in these pictures, and if totally-impatient-for-egg-hunting is the same as happy, well then, sure they were.

After the hunt, the girls climbed into a canoe for a little while. It was a great place to have snacks.

In the bottom right corner you can see their egg-hunt haul. This is the second year in a row that we've come away with a stuffed animal.

While we were there we ran into two kids from the girls' karate school, and we also met up with my cousin and her family.

Somehow, on the way out, the Spink Gallery caught the girls' attention.

I think we all had a great time.

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