03 April 2009

Good for Karate

Normally, I'd be making dinner right now. But Matthew has left town, the girls are both in time out at the same time and I'm stewing at the computer. So why would I make dinner?

Just as I began to wonder how on earth I was going to make it through the rest of the day, I remembered:


The girls normally go on Saturday, but because they've got plans tomorrow, we arranged for them to attend a class tonight. Good thing I remembered--good for me, good for the kids, good for Karate.


Karin said...

u-u both in time out and mommy in "distract yourself so you don't kill them" happens....good thing they went to Karate....hope you got some time to yourself!

Mary Ann said...

yes, after they went to bed I spent some quality time getting to know my brother's miter saw.