17 April 2009

Greener Grass

For as long as we have been here (nearly 2 years) Matthew's employer has said that his whole team would be moving to another building. They have said that it will be so much better to not have his team out in a satellite location, but there are drawbacks too, and Matthew isn't looking forward to the transition. Anyway, today the move finally came. Because all of the office furniture, computers, etc. were between locations today, Matthew was home with us.

Here he is at lunchtime (10 minutes before Star's bus comes!) with the kids in the yard. I love how the grass is finally greening up, scrubby and patchy though it is. Matthew and the kiddos wanted to have some quiet time together before school. Now that it is evening and everyone is back home, the papa-daughter time keeps on rolling. As I write this he's with them watching a movie that he and Dandelion chose together.

Matthew really tries to make time with the girls special, and the truth is that his time with them is special, and I envy that. I've often wondered what it would be like to be the "gone most of the time" half of our parenting operation. I wonder what it would be like to be a novelty. I wonder, if I was gone a lot (you know, working, traveling) would I look at moms like me (moms who can count the times they've been away from their children for more than 12 hours in single digits) and envy that instead?


Megan said...

i love that about Em. she doesn't realize i am there all the time. if i leave for 5 minutes she smiles at me like she hasn't seen me in days. i love it. although sometimes the plan back fires and she gets mad that i left her and wont even look at me. it's worth it though when you get the smile.

Karin said...

well, I guess we will never find out, I would like to know how it feels like to not be "the bad guy".

I've been trying to make time with the kids more quality time, Play with them more set things aside and do them later to play a round of cards or what ever....I hope it will change things...