16 April 2009

Closet Update

Here's a before picture:

And here's a during picture:

And here's an after another during picture:

Back in March I hung the trim that surrounds the big closet opening. I thought I would just leave it that way with the 2x4s exposed, but Joe talked me out of it and even came over to help me install the intersecting trim. Joe is awesome.

There's lots left to do. I still need paint, a "floor" for the cubby spaces (which would be a roof for the closet space) above the closet rod/shelf, and of course, I'm going to build drawers to go along the bottom. We're getting there.

Did you notice that I moved some of the supports in the cubby spaces? I'm really pleased with how it looks especially now that I can see the closet's final form emerging.

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