18 February 2009

Not just a number

Here's #970 as it looked in June 2008.

We bought this house almost exactly a year ago. Since then we've replaced (almost) all the windows, had a gigantic half-dead lighting-struck Tulip tree removed, improved every faucet in the house (repairing or replacing), wrestled with the landscaping, rerouted inefficient ducting, and so on.

I'm surprised by how much I enjoy this work. It feels good to know exactly how different systems in my house function. Anyway, a big part of living @ 970 has turned out to be maintaining it, and where necessary, changing it.


Matthew said...

The news faucets are very nice.

Josh said...

I love your house! And your new blog.

joe said...

you should be on tv

Mary Ann said...

like this old house! (82 years old this year).