17 February 2009


Here's a letter Star wrote last night:

Who is Azula? Oh my, my, My, MY! She is only the coolest princess ever! If I could give her an Azula doll I would do it, but they don't seem to make one. Not that I couldn't make one. See? I've had some practice getting the outfits right.

In the picture, Star and Dandelion dressed up as Azula and Toph, circa Halloween 2008.

Back to the point: making a tiny doll (with changeable clothes etc.) on such short notice . . . problems. There are problems with this. Scale. Scope. And of course, precedent. There are more teeth left to lose after all, not to mention the impossibility of hiding a palace under a pillow.

In the end she got icebreakers, and believe it or not she was content with that.


C.S. Perry said...

Best Costumes ever.
My childhood would have been far less enjoyable without mine.

Right On.

Megan said...

isa made me right a note that she wanted the tooth fairy to please leave her tooth but still leave a present. it was cute. she said she wants to keep them all and make a bracelet out of them. maybe a bit weird.

suz said...

what ever happened to getting a dollar under your pillow? kids these days...