18 August 2009

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a miserable old driveway. All the other driveways on the block were better off than the miserable old driveway. They all belonged to people who loved them more and took better care of them. The miserable old driveway was ashamed and sometimes cried when no one else was looking, which was all the time. No one ever notices a miserable old driveway.

Then one day, just when the miserable old driveway had given up all hope of ever being as well-cared for as the other driveways on the block, a miracle happened. The lady the miserable old driveway beloged to got out there and cleaned and weeded and cleaned and weeded some more. Then, two strangers came and poured black smelly goop all over the miserable old driveway. That goop stank like you wouldn't believe and the miserable old driveway and the people it belonged to wondered if the smell would ever go away.

But of course it did. The miserable old driveway is still miserable and old, but beneath all that goop, no one will notice. The driveway is used to not getting noticed, so that part worked out just fine.


suz said...

to be honest, the second picture just looks like you took it on a cloudy day... :)

Mary Ann said...

The diffference is that the first picture was taken around noon (before the goo guys arrived)and the second was taken early in the evening (the following day when we ere allowed to drive on it again).