02 August 2009

Gelateria Del Leone & Pho Grand

Suz was in town today. Her visit with us was brief. She'll be leaving for California soon. It isn't every day that one's sister comes for a final visit ahead of a cross-country move, so we decided to make an occasion of it and meet for lunch.

That took us down to South Grand, where we chose to try out Gelateria Del Leone.

It was very nice. Sometimes it hits me how many things my children see, do, or experience that were not part of my childhood. Gelato is on that list. I had my first in Rome (of all places!) when I was 19. It felt a little like Italy in the Gelateria--the portions were just right and the flavors were bright.

Matthew and I didn't order anything but the girls were happy to share. They had Mexican chocolate and three different berry flavors. Yummy.

After that it was off to lunch with Suz, Joe & Katy at Pho Grand (literally next-door to the Gelateria). We've been there more than a few times over the past two years and it's a favorite. It's my habit to order something I've never tasted before when I go there; easy to pull off considering their extensive menu and my general inexperience with Vietnamese food. Is it luck or just a sign of quality that I've enjoyed everything I've ever had there?

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Matthew said...

Yes, it was very nice. I liked their recycling program too. Always better to have a little bit of really good gelato/ice cream than a lot of not very nice stuff.