04 August 2009

Flavor of the Week

Earlier today we went to the dentist. Afterward, to reward ourselves for yet another cavity-free visit, we stopped off for some Tropical Moose.

Which is to say, snow cones, served up out of a little shack at one end of the Kirkwood Farmers Market. Star chose Pink Lemonade, Dandelion had Watermelon (but only after fuzzy peach and kiwi strawberry had already crossed her mind).

I had the Flavor of the Week, which happened to be a mash up of Raspberry-Lemon and Wedding Cake. Mostly it just tasted like sugar--which given that it was a snow cone was exactly what I was (if not they were) going for.

If you go, get a mini. Only costs a dollar and is plenty big enough.

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kat said...

Can you e-mail me a couple of these last two pictures? I really love them.