30 July 2009

There Will Be Bows

Today I got out a little bag of ribbon and barrettes and finished five new bows for my girls. Last year, (and it's an odd coincidence that it was exactly today a year ago) I made a pile of them:

School was starting and I wanted the girls to have bows to put in their hair because (despite my gender-neutral brainwashing) they like that kind of thing.

I think the bill came to $7.50 for all 12 that you see in the picture. It was something like $2 for a 12 pack of hair clips and a total of $5.50 for all the ribbons to make the bows. I'm quite sure that I was able to start and finish this project (meaning all 12 bows) in a single afternoon. Frugalein definitely and happily approved.


Megan said...

so in an effort to maintain your gender neutrality did you take some bows to school for the little boys to wear?

Mary Ann said...

No. I try not to brainwash other people's kids. That's their parents job.