10 June 2009

Swim Lessons

My kids' swim lessons will conclude tomorrow. I tried to take pictures of the lessons in progress, but Dandelion wasn't really in the mood for pictures.

Here she is, poolside, waiting for the next activity.

Here's Star's group. She's the one with the teal pool-noodle.

The funny thing about these lessons is that there are far more girls enrolled than boys in all of the age/skill levels that I have observed. I wonder why this would be. It seems strange. Surely, boys need swimming skills as much as girls do, and it isn't as though boys don't like to swim . . . odd. Maybe it just came down to a scheduling conflict. Who knows.

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kat said...

I'm surprised they're all so willing to be in the water. When I took swimming lessons I was the only one that would go all the way under while other kids were trying to endure just their faces getting wet.