28 June 2009

Once is Never Enough

On the actual day of my Mom's birthday we met at a restaurant for dinner and UP, which was really great. But that didn't include cake or ice cream so we had to get together again. And really, who would turn down another opportunity to celebrate?

Little did we know that the party would include a Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, thanks to Joe, who I think will likely be asked to bring cake again. Soon.

In the picture with Dandelion, Grandma was laughing because of something Dandelion had done--can't remember what it was, but from the look on her face. . . .

In the other picture showing my parents together, you'll notice the red egg they're admiring. My sister-in-law makes those by hand, using a technique not too different from that employed by the ancient Greeks to decorate urns. The patterns she paints onto the egg are intricate, and that she manages it freehand on such limited surface area knocks my socks right off.

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