24 June 2009

It's That Time of Year Again

Last night, in honor of my mom's birthday, we all met for dinner before settling in for a second in-theater viewing of UP in 3D ('cause we're sentimental ninnies who can't help ourselves). It was late as we made our way home, and as we completed the final turns through our neighborhood we noticed big billowing clouds of whatever fumigant they spray to deplete mosquito populations at this time of year.

Matthew instinctively turned off the car's outside-air-venting apparatus as we entered the fog. Great plumes of whatever-that-stuff-is are unsettling, but not nearly as unsettling as their target audience.

Blood_Sucking_Monsters. Not long ago, this one landed on me in my own house so I smacked it Obama style. It fell to the floor, but after lying there for about half a minute it righted itself. It got up.

I paused long enough to take the picture and then I finished the job. Russel (the kid in UP) wouldn't allow me to be a Wilderness Explorer after that display of animal cruelty, but Mr. Frederickson (the old man) would have understood.

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Matthew said...

You have some kind of supernatural photography gift.