08 June 2009

It Goes With The Territory

Here's another picture of me with the kids, part of the 'me as a mom' series that I mentioned a while ago.

It was taken October 2006 in the Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve. We had just returned to Lebanon after Israel pummeled it that summer.

Today, I put most of the clothes that the girls are wearing in this picture on the front step for one charity or another to pick up. I left two enormous bags filled with toddler clothes out there for them, but that wasn't the half of it. Down in the basement there are at least four more big plastic tubs, all full of baby clothes, blankets, toys, etc. I don't think of myself as a sentimental person, but I simply didn't have it in me to say goodbye to all of it at once.

I couldnt' even say goodbye to all their clothes. I kept the little jeans that Dandelion's wearing in the picture, and I kept the red shoe--I have only one of them. The other got lost somewhere between here and Beirut two years ago.


Megan said...

you should make a quilt like i did. i'm sure yours would be much better seeing as you know how to sew. isabella and i have quite a bit of fun looking at it and remembering how old she was when she wore certain things. she sleeps with it every night.

Vatti said...

I have seen infant clothes (from a long past era) framed and displayed as art. We have a few dresses that most of our girls wore that might be worthy of that.

Mary Ann said...

Megan, your quilt turned out really well. I'm not sure I can put another iron in the fire right now, though.

I wish that I'd done a better job taking pictures of my kids wearing their stinking-cute clothes. Those would mean more than the actual clothes in question. But that door has closed.

Good idea, Vatti, especially for heirloom stuff.

Megan said...

for some reason the fact that you said stinking-cute made me chuckle.