05 June 2009

Eat it Up

Much to our mutual consternation, Matthew has been the kids' favorite parent for as long as we have been parents. That's never been easy for either of us. Matthew is under the constant weight of their demands, whereas I becoming invisible the minute he walks through the door. Just about everyone we know has promised us that someday it will be my turn, but no. Star's six. If there was going to be a nobody-but-mommy phase it would have come by now.

For at least the past two years, Matthew has done occasional daddy-daughter dates with the girls. They love the one-on-one time with him. Invariably the date will include a restaurant and they love that too. They love it at least as much and maybe even more than the one-on-one time. . . .

Clearly, dates with daddy fall beyond Frugalein's jurisdiction. Generally her reign over our wallets goes largely uncontested and that results in infrequent restaurant outings for our kids. What a waste of money, she tells me. If I hear, "Mom, can we go to a restaurant?", Frugalein will spit out the word "No," delivered in the most knee-jerk and automatic fashion you can imagine before I've even registered the question.

Ok, so mommy doesn't know how to say yes to questions like that, but what would happen if the question was different? What if she were asked for a mommy-daughter date? Shrewd little Dandelion came up to me not long ago and asked in her nicest voice for this very thing. Because I really love you, she said.

Hmmmmm. What will I do? Do I want to be wanted so badly that I'll pretend I don't know that my kid is really just after the ice cream? Do I want happy-fun-time with my daughter (getting a treat just the two of us) so much that I'll silence Frugalein (the old killjoy) to get it?

Is anyone honestly wondering?

The picture was taken on our date to an old soda fountain shop, Dr. Jazz, where the sundaes were made to order, exactly the way we like them.


joe said...

i would have guessed that was star. looks like a fun place.

Mary Ann said...

Good eye Joe! That is Star. The picture was taken the second time Dandelion pulled this stunt, and that time Star was along for the ride (and the ice cream).