31 May 2009

Wild Strawberries

This morning my dad took the kids exploring in his neighborhood. They came back with wild strawberries the size of pencil erasers. Paltry, I though, and gladly boasted that the strawberry weeds in my yard grow much bigger that that.


Later on we had fun picking wild weed berries together. The girls asked if they could try them--take a taste. Sure, I said, but I reminded them that wild strawberries don't taste like much. They kind of taste like water. But the girls would not be dissuaded and after sampling our crop declared that they really liked them. Maybe it was the novelty of being able to eat something right out of the back yard or maybe they actually did like them.


Megan said...

i liked to eat them when i was a kid too. i think i liked the whole foraging thing.

Izabella said...

I completely forgot about these. Thanks, now I remember how I used to pick those as a kid ( and eat them)

ellabella said...

they look delicious! we ate our first strawberry on saturday. we didn't think the plants would produce this year, but they are! i love all the wonderful things you do to enrich your girl's lives. i'm sure they are very cool having you as a mom, and i hope to meet them someday.