13 May 2009

K. Hall Designs

I was out running errands today and a shop caught my eye that I hadn't noticed before. K. Hall Designs, and in big letters under that, APOTHECARY. After living in Germany and Lebanon, my sense of what an apothecary might be is quite broad. I mean, really. They could have anything from fizzy vitamin tablets to dehydrated lizards and I swear it would not surprise me.

But K. Hall did surprise me. They're tucked into a rather unfashionable block of Manchester Road in Brentwood--across the street is a garden shop and just down the road there's a place to rent heavy equipment. There are a few vacant storefronts to the right and left of them. It just isn't the kind of block where you'd expect to open a door into a magical boutique where everything looks and smells perfect.

The shop was full of beautiful furniture and furnishings. There were gorgeous linens and glassware. They had clothing for children and adults, an array of bath products, and everything smelled so lovely. Being in that store was simply wonderful, so I bought a candle to remind me of it.

They make all the candles and bath products on location (lotion, soaps, scrubs). Hooray for local businesses!

update: they have a website.

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kat said...

Wow that sounds great. I love stores like that. And the promotional card looks very fancy.