15 April 2009

Under the Table

Let's imagine that you came and knocked on the door, and I answered and decided to let you in. The kids would be there and they would be very excited to have a new person around to play with. They like to pretend that they are cheetahs or saber-tooth tigers or that they are characters in their favorite shows or movies. They'd want to play that game with you and sooner or later they would realize that a monster is chasing them. Monsters chase everyone in every game my children play. And to be safe you would have to hide in a cave, which in our case is under the dining room table. There isn't a lot of space under there, so to be more comfortable, you would probably lay down, and then you would see this:

Before the girls pull you back into the game, you'd recognize a few things. It looks like Star has drawn some princesses for us, and the big white 24.00--I think that's the price my parents paid for the table at the Goodwill before I was born. As for the big '450' . . . I have no idea about that one. A few years ago my parents replaced this table with one that could accommodate even more people, and this one ended up in the garage because I couldn't imagine them junking it. I was still overseas, but they kept it for me.

This table makes me smile. It was there for my entire childhood and now it is one of my favorite things @ 970.

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