10 April 2009

In the Beginning

There were bookcases on the wall.

Then one day they were gone.

Mary Ann hung maps in their place.

Where did the bookcases go? For now, all I'll say is that they're in a better place. I'll post details some other time.


Terra said...

I bet it is a lot roomier in teh dining room now.

kat said...

I'm more interested to know what happened to all the stuff from the shelves. Particularly all the awesome pictures on the shelves.

Katherine said...

I like it, but where oh where did the shelves go???

Mary Ann said...

The stuff from the shelves has been in a box for nearly a year. We'll get some of it out again eventually.

The shelves are (from the perspective of the camera) out of sight. I love what I've done with them, but I'm just not ready to show everyone. I will, but after I've worked on it a bit more.