27 March 2009

This is how we know it is Spring

Never mind that it might snow tomorrow. Just in case it does, here are some pictures of just how nice Spring has already been.

I remember thinking last year that this, the lovely Azalea Rhododendron PJM (it's HUGE! at least as tall as I am and bigger around than four ten of me would be) blooming purple just off the front porch, was a little obnoxious. So unabashedly purpley-pink. This year, I think it is a delight.

And here, clustered in a corner of the front yard at 970

a bed of daffodils--three different varieties. There seem to be dozens of daffodil sorts. And that right there, is everything I know about daffodils except that I do like how very cheery they are.


joe said...

and then it snows. isn't missouri great.

Mary Ann said...

They survived! So did all the neighbors' plants. Amazing.