01 March 2009

Even better with Dandelion art

I took this picture today, a premeditated 'before' picture. When you blog, you tend to do things like this.

What you're looking at there is a fairly awkward space between two windows. There's just a little bit of wall. It's too small for most of the framed and unframed art that has accumulated around us over the last decade. And although the space is quiet and unobtrusive, it is clearly visible from the front door. Sometimes quiet and unobtrusive is fine, perfectly ok, but I wanted there to be more to this bit of wall. Quiet, yes, but hopefully not boring.

I gathered the things that I thought would look right in this space and then I made a template, because that is what Martha would do and you know she is right about this.

After arranging them on the paper I traced each one and marked where the hanging hardware would be. Then I took the picture.


When I taped the template on the wall I decided that the really smart thing to do would be to get out my level to make sure that the guide holes were in a perfectly vertical line. Then I got out my drill and put perfect little holes into my perfect plaster walls.


Well, that depends on who you ask. Dandelion knew it wasn't quite finished. She loves to hang pictures on the wall. Just before going to bed, she taped (and taped and taped!) one more thing up there.

And now its perfect.


Karin said...

You just gotta love that! Thank you so much for sending me the address of your blog!It will be fun to catch up with YOUR VERSION of things around your house!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Karin! Glad to have you here, and glad to provide a countervailing narrative. ;)