08 March 2009

At Powell

I'm a little bit in love with the Saint Louis Symphony and Powell Hall. I mean, how could you not fall for this?

Or this?

Currently on display in the entry hall are the artworks of children from around the St. Louis area. The Symphony sponsors an annual competition in which children are asked to listen to a recording of the orchestra and then make a picture in response to it.

Earlier today we went to the final performance in the Symphony's 08/09 family concert series. It wasn't long ago that I first read about these especially-for-kids concerts, and we attend our first last fall. It featured Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, complete with live actors to narrate the story and portray each of the characters. The kids enjoyed it and we've gone ever since.

Each concert features several pieces that center on a theme that children would enjoy. The conductor talks to the children in an engaging way about the instruments and the music so that they know what to listen for throughout each piece. These concerts are a lot of fun. Usually the whole thing is over in an hour; not a moment too soon for an audience filled with youngsters.

I almost forgot to mention what we saw this time: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago was there and they were extraordinary. I can't help loving any kind of artistry that makes the highest level of technical skill accessible, enjoyable and even entertaining for kids ages 3-10. Their dancing combined with the exceptional music of the Symphony was memorable even in a series we have liked so much.

I'm a little sad that the season has already ended, and I can hardly wait for the series to start up again in the fall.


blusteringheights said...

Do you have any pictures of our visit there? I can't remember but I thought one was taken with us and the girls. It was a lovely time and I'd like to have a reminder.

Mary Ann said...

I wish I knew where those pictures were saved, but I don't and it's such a shame. I'll check with Terra and see if she made a copy while she was here.