23 February 2009

Wet Paint

I found this painting in my kitchen yesterday:

Isn't it wonderful? I love the ooey-gooey richness of it. I love how the colors push right up to and off the edge of the paper, how they bleed into each other, blending and almost blending.

One of the kids painted it. Matthew, do you know which one?

My kids paintings always look best before they dry. Afterward, it is as if the magic of the painting evaporates with the moisture. I wonder if there is something I could mix into their paints that would keep the sheen of wet paint even after it dries--something that wouldn't compromise the water-soluble and washable properties of the paint . . . .


joe said...

we need to watch "my kid could paint that".

Matthew said...

I wonder what would happen if they were sprayed with that shiny latex stuff.

Anonymous said...

For that "wet look" - brush on some Mod Podge (gloss-lustre) after the paintings have dried. That should do the trick.

You can really feel the energy and intensity here, and the lines and curves seem so organic.

I remember studying some pieces by Hofmann in Art Appreciation that look very similar to this one.

Go Star - or Dandelion!

Mary Ann said...

thanks for the tip!

Mary Ann said...

Start tells me that Dandelion painted it.